Monday, December 19, 2011

Prego Lady Update

Today I'm 38 weeks and 4 days.
And I feel it. This 9th month is giving me a run for my money.
The baby's leg is usually up in my ribcage, which is a stinging pain.
I'm having back pain.
I'm even feeling queasy sometimes.
Heartburn rears its ugly head whenever it feels like it.

I now know why God has us pregnant for nine months. At this point pregnant ladies are ready to get the baby out, even though we know it'll hurt.

I'm looking forward to having a restful stomach (Kiki Bebe, anyone?), to not have to pee at least once an hour and to be able to sleep on my back.

And I miss Brie, cookie dough, salami and sushi.

I miss breathing while putting my socks on, or shoes on, or switching laundry.

This baby is welcome anytime.

The doctor says the same thing, except that at my 38 weeks appointment two days ago I hadn't dilated or effaced anymore than my 37 week appointment. Come on, body! Let's do this! Let's stop the Braxton Hicks and start real labour!

PS - You're all welcome to visit us in the hospital. You can call or skype us, too.

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  1. So close, yet it feels so far away! Try to enjoy these last weeks and take a couple pictures! You will be happy you did later. I'm Heather from You asked about baby slings, and I do make them.. not sling shots.. lol Best wishes over the nest couple of weeks. Have a great Holiday!