Monday, December 5, 2011

Angeline and Tide

 No, not Tide as in the laundry detergent.

These are two girls' names. And not potential names for Baby Sjaarda, either (we don't know if baby Sjaarda is a girl or a boy--but plan to find out in the next month).

Angeline and Tide are two girls Eric and I have sponsored for the last several years. I started sponsoring Angeline in college, I think. Our sponsorship with Tide started just few years ago as I 'went through' several sponsored kids who aged out or left the program before we got Tide.

 This is Tidde. She's 19 years old, in grade 12 and lives in a city of 50,000 in Tanzania. Her guardians are an aunt and her grandpa. Her grandpa is unemployed and her aunt is sometimes employed as a bun seller. Their average monthly household income is just over $7.00. Just imagine a difference sponsorship makes in the lives of children in Tanzania!