Monday, December 12, 2011


Why do I eat things that I know will give me heartburn?

Simple really. Because I need to eat.

They say to not eat before bed to avoid heartburn while you're trying to fall asleep. (That horizontal position is no match for relaxed esophagus muscles--or whatever is going on. So yesterday, I stopped eating at 8pm and brushed my teeth at 8:20pm to eliminate the temptation. I was doing a heartburn experiment. Would it really stop the heartburn from coming on?

I didn't eat... until 7:15am.

Good on ya.

Except at about 11pm last night I got really thirsty, like we pregnant ladies do, so I drank some water. Probably around 4oz or so.

And the heartburn kicked in.

Yes, even water gives me heartburn.

Pre-pregnancy I would get heartburn from eating too much of one type of food. Like crackers. Or chocolate. Or water.

In pregnancy, I just get heartburn by eating or drinking.

I've got two or three weeks (or days) of this and then I fully expect (would command if I could) that my hormones go back to pre-pregnancy normal (hear that relaxin and everyone else?) so I can control the heartburn and eat and drink and be merry.

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