Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Return of the Blog

by Eric

'So, are you guys going to have a blog?'

This is easily one of the top 5 questions we get about our upcoming time in Vietnam. Well, we're happy to make it official and say 'Yes, we will have a blog.' And apparently you've found it.

I've been absent from the blog world for about four years. (Check out for a blast from the past) I'm looking forward to sharing my musings on life and getting more than 140 characters to do it. And it looks like the tools have improved quite a bit in my absence. Pics, videos, html editing, etc. Sounds like this will be the perfect spot to post all kinds of stuff about our upcoming adventure. This, and Facebook...

A snapshot of life for us right now-
In the past week:
- Travel season ended! Karissa doesn't have any more big work trips!
- We spoke in church and set up our display in the fellowship all. Feedback has been good, and some support has already started showing up in the mail!
- We've mailed out a bunch of support letters.
- I'm keeping crazy busy at work. Lots to do between now and July 2nd.

And in the next 7 days:
- Karissa and I are taking a two day trip to Omaha. It's time to celebrate because...
- It's our anniversary! A year ago Sunday I got married to the most wonderful woman ever!!!
- We'll be back in church on Sunday to man the table, to answer more questions, and to watch more envelopes disappear!
- We'll be having our next fundraising event: Tip night at the good ole Pizza Ranch!
- Time to fire up Rosetta Stone and get back on track!
- And sadly, we'll be mourning the closing of the coffee shop where we met and did 95% of our wedding planning. Pour some of your latte out for Butlers...

Okay, the first post needs to be posted to make my reentry to the blogosphere official. Here we go!