Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Last year we didn't have a Christmas tree in Vietnam, so this year, when we were packing to move to St. Louis, I made sure we packed our Christmas decorations.

We have a 7-foot tree, more mini-lights than anyone would need, 6 dozen candy canes (they get better with age!), and six ornaments.

Eric strung a few of our lights up  onto the tree (we have about a dozen more strings of lights back in the box).
Then we both put up the candy canes.
Then I ate a candy cane.
Then I very carefully organized our 6 ornaments onto the tree.

It looked good. We liked it. The white lights and the red and white candy canes was a nice look.

And then we started receiving Christmas cards and  pictures in the the mail. Our fridge only has so much space on it what with some coupons, some concert tickets, sonogram pictures and a calendar.

So, I thought I'd hang the pictures and cards on the tree.

How do you get creative with your tree?


  1. Last year I had almost no ornaments, so I put all the pictures from Christmas letters on my tree! Great minds must think alike!