Friday, August 5, 2011

Onto new things

I've spent some of my time in Iowa studying Spanish.

"Yo puedo hablar un pocito, perro ..."

Mostly I study the 1400 vocabulary flashcards that I've acquired.

My chiropractor keeps seeing me with children's books as I read those during my ultrasound/electric therapy. During the adjustment part I mostly say things like "Ugh!" and "Uh...ow!" I don't know the 'pain words' in Spanish.

My pain has decreased and I'm hoping I start to feel really good soon. If I'm going to get lower back pain or other painful pregnancy symptoms, I'd like to have the car accident symptoms pretty much gone.

For the first several days after that accident I couldn't do regular things like get out of bed, open the Pizza Ranch door or laugh at my husband's jokes. It was miserable.

One morning Eric was already up by the time I woke up (and had to pee like crazy--definitely pregnant). Thankfully I had taken my cellphone to bed with me and I texted Eric, who was downstairs. 'Hey, please help me get out of bed.'

Eric to the rescue!

He's hurt too. We have chiropractor appointment dates.

We're currently a one car family. With neither of us working, it's been just fine, but that will change. Eric starts work in St. Louis on September 12.

We're moving to St. Louis in 18 days.