Saturday, December 3, 2011

Calculators, Operation Christmas Child and 34 week belly

A few weeks back our church had an event of filling boxes full of toys and and toiletries for children around the world. Of course, we preceded the packing by filling our stomachs with pizza.

To fill the boxes, you would take a girl or boy box and walk around this room, putting in items from each table. Eric and I sat at a 'boy' table. We had matchbox cars, balls, flip flops, calculators, and crosses. Only boxes that were for boys could take items from our table.

Although we haven't even officially met this student in our church, we've heard some really good things about him from our youth pastor. He loves the Bible, reads it a lot and has a great memory. And Eric decided he would be a good kid to tease.

Here Eric is telling him that as a former math teacher, he knows the correct pronounciation of 'calculator'. It's not how most people say it. It's 'cal-u-la-TOR'. The student wasn't sure what to do with Eric, gave him a funny look and kept going to the next table.

When I was sitting, the table hides my pregnant belly in this picture, but I am fully 34 weeks pregnant that night.

A picture from the front/side. I LOVE this picture of my man!

And a little more profile.

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