Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Egg Bake Experiment aka Supper

I decided to make an egg bake for supper.

I didn't have a particular recipe in mind so I went to and put this call out on my Facebook page:
I'm just looking for a recipe that calls for eggs, cheese and hash browns (I have shredded potatoes hash browns). Anyone? Just a normal breakfast bake/casserole. Thanks.

What I made today is pretty much a mix of all the info and advice I received.

Here are the ingredients. The spices are basil, parsley and onion.
8 Eggs
Salt and pepper the eggs

 I don't like pepper and can't even taste it. Jim Gaffigan agrees as he says: "Would you like me to wave this magical wand over your food?"

It does make me sneeze though.

I add pepper because recipes always call for both salt and pepper.

Add the spices to the egg mixture.

Pour in some milk.

It's so pretty!

Meanwhile, saute some vegetables. We love mushrooms in our house.

These peppers were earmarked for DH's lunch for tomorrow. Sorry, hon. And then I forgot to chop them into smaller pieces. Whoops.

First layer. The whole bag of shredded potatoes was waaaay too much, so I put about half back into the bag.

Even after putting half of the potatoes back, I didn't think the egg mixture would be enough for the casserole.

So I added a can of cream of mushroom soup. That can only help things, right?

I added the ham. Probably about 2 cups. Thanks to my cousin Danielle for introducing me to pre-cut, pre-cooked ham, perfect for salads and casseroles.

Here's where it really starts to come together. Pour in the egg mixture.

Add the cheese. The original recipe called for 6 cups of cheese. Sounds like a heart attack. Here is about 3 cups.

Add the sauteed vegetables.

I decided to stir it all together. And then added just a bit more cheese on top. Yum!

Again with the experiment. I put it in the oven around 5:30pm at 350 and around 7pm it looked done. 
Here is the final product. It was fantastic! *enter some Rachel Ray "Mmm-mmm!" sounds. DH had seconds. I finished off with some Mint Chip ice cream. I am pregnant, after all.

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  1. I did the same thing last night! Well, maybe not the SAME thing, but put on your Vietnam glasses and it kinda feels the same... :)
    I only had about 20 minutes to prepare something that I could put in the fridge then pop into the oven a few hours later. So I got a mixing bowl, threw in some eggs, milk, salt (& pepper, ha!), tomatoes, potato chunks, cucumber, onion....then some flour & baking soda as an experiment to see if it would be cakey & rise at all (it did, until it came out of the over, then it deflated). It turned out pretty good! Made bisquick biscuits to compliment the experiment. I wanted to make sure there would be SOMEthing, in case experiment failed.