Friday, December 9, 2011

37 weeks and...

...all is well.

I'm at weekly appointments now. Reminds me of my weekly chiropractor appointments. I really don't know how women who work full-time would be able to do this.

I got to the doctor's office a few minutes late (tomorrow's post will tell you what I was up to before my appt) and used the wonder of smart phone technology to spend my time as I waited for my name to be called. I read some e-mails, read some status updates,  and texted Eric that I'm waiting in the waiting room since I was a few minutes late.


I got up and got weighed. The doctor's office scale gives me about 6 extra pounds compared to the scale at our house. Meh. I'm in my third doctor's office, and therefore third doctor's office scale, so no one really knows how much weight I've gained with this pregnancy. I would say I'm at about 22 pounds.

Last week I was about 50% effaced and not dilated. This week the effacement hasn't changed and I'm just under a centimetre dilated. According to my doctor, all my Braxton Hicks are helping/starting/causing the dilation. I'm not a medical person. If you are, you can tell me how the BH relates to dilation.

I told the doctor that the baby kicks a lot and kicks down sometimes (the down kicks are uncomfortable-wow). He was pretty sure the baby was head down, but said "Let's do an ultrasound just to make sure."

I said: "Okay!"

A ten-second ultrasound confirmed that baby is indeed head down and the doctor said that what I'm feeling might be elbows.

So, we're 37 weeks and all is well.

And I saw the baby (including head and heart, which I could pick out) :) on the ultrasound! That was pretty awesome.

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