Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last night Eric and I went to the food court at the local mall for supper. I think it's the only mall and only food court (American style--sort of) in our city. We enjoyed bacon/mushroom/green pepper Risotto from Mr. Pizza and then visited our friends who live on the 13th floor of the building. Their daughter just turned 8 and they had a lot of cake left over. :)

We got home around 11:30pm or so. We walked into the bedroom and I heard really soft music. Now, hearing music while we're at home is very normal. We have hundreds of neighbors within earshot (I promise I'm not exaggerating, our house shares walls with three houses and just one of those houses has at least 8 people living in it) and we certainly hear their karaoke most mornings and evenings. But the music I heard was classical and really quiet and it sounded like it was coming from in our room.

I put my ear to my computer but the music had stopped... then it started again. It was coming from my computer. I had a few windows open: yahoo mail, Facebook, RealSimple.com and skype. I could affect the volume by my volume controls. One by one I closed each window and the music kept playing. Finally all the windows were closed and the music kept playing. I opened iTunes, it didn't show anything playing, closed iTunes and the music kept playing.

Finally, I restarted my computer. When it came back on, the music had stopped.


Any ideas as to what happened?


  1. Oh darn, I thought you were going to tell us! My first thought was that you were overhearing someone on their skype account. (Good thing it was just classical music! ;)