Monday, December 13, 2010

by Karissa

Thanksgiving isn't celebrated as a holiday in Vietnam, or in most countries for that matter. But holidays, traditions and culture don't leave the American living abroad and so we joined with several Americans (and other foreigners) and celebrated Thanksgiving...

by playing touch football on the beach.

I designated myself as photographer.

Eric would like you to know that no one was injured...

And that his team won.

After quick showers at home to remove much acquired sand, we gathered at a Kentucky family's home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here we are clapping for the many hours (days!) of work that went into planning, setting up, cooking, preparing, etc.


Here are some of the dedicated chefs and helpers.

Pre-dinner hungriness.

There were 33 people in attendance and 3 cooked turkeys. Oven size and numbers are very limited and the local Costco type store was asked to cook the turkeys for the second year. They said yes, again. It was wonderful to have turkey on Thanksgiving day!

Here is the buffet of Thanksgiving yummers. It was fantastic and had a bit of southern flavour, including a broccoli/egg dish. My favourite food item was the corn casserole. I'm going out on a limb and saying Eric's favourite part was the turkey. :)

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