Thursday, December 9, 2010


by Karissa

We skyped with my California brother's family a few days ago. We met their baby when he was four days old. Now he's almost 5 months old!

Their two and a half year old son told us some of the animals they saw at the San Diego zoo.

Here he is acting out an elephant.

Here is he telling us how many animals he saw.

Derrick swears they saw more than five.

Derrick asked him to show us his muscles.

And then pulled his shirt sleeve up and said, really they're tickle muscles.

Here I'm (Karissa) dancing.

And this his reaction to my moves.
You didn't really think I'd put pictures of me dancing online a second time, did you?

I've been giving out the link to our wedding dance to the staff at AVIEC, the English center where we teach. They love it! My boss said to me yesterday while she was at her desk and I was photocopying: "Karissa, I smile when I think of your wedding dance."

Have you seen our wedding dance yet?

In other noteworthy news:
A conversation Eric & I had last night:

Eric: Karissa, who are you calling on skype?
Karissa: What? Are you serious?
Eric: Yeah, who are you calling on skype? I heard the sound skype makes when you're video calling someone.
Karissa: That was my stomach!

I guess I'm not completely used to the food, yet.

This is one of our favourite, regular dishes. French fries? Not this time (though we eat those on occasion when we bring our own salt). This is fried squid, eaten with mayo and hot sauce. The tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce? A very typical edible garnish.

Here we're eating at a restaurant/bar near the hotel we lived in the first month. We're rolling pieces of meat (spicy beef) into the lettuce leaves and then dipping in a celery and salt mix. It's one of our favourite things to eat!


  1. Hah! Love the conversation between you and Eric. :)

  2. I enjoyed the wedding dance! You've really got a dancing machine of a husband Karissa! :) And I loved how you always seemed to glide and float around in your dress! Very fun.