Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beaches, cows and windows

We took this picture at China Beach, the afternoon of Christmas. It was over 80 degrees that day! We did buy a couple Santa hats, but they didn't fit on our heads. An Australian family at the beach was kind enough to take our picture and let us borrow their 'non' (the triangle hat I'm wearing).

At the end of November the Vietnam team (of 19 people) had our fall retreat. We flew south to Ho Chi Minh City and got on a bus and drove the 5-7 hours to our hotel on the beach in Mui Ne. This picture was taken at one of our stops. I saw this cow out the window, so I got off the bus and jumped on.

Then I jumped off and kissed the cow while three of my teammates got on. Because, why not?

This is one of the windows in our bedroom. We don't have a dryer and until about a month ago, we only had about 15 feet of clothesline. So we used the bars on our windows to hang our things to dry.
As of yesterday, Facebook is being blocked in our location. Hopefully some smart computer person can figure out what numbers we need to punch into our computer to get past it. When we first got here, we couldn't get on either until we inputted a bunch of numbers.

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