Friday, May 6, 2011

Rat 2.0

We thought we got rid of our rat once and for all.

But yesterday evening I saw that a zip lock bag with a small baguette (very common here--French influence) had been torn open and a large chunk was missing.

"Eric... come see..."

We were leaving the next day for a few days so we decided to completely close up the house for the night and see if we found poop the next day. If yes, we have a rat in the house. If not, no and we'll keep the house "sealed" for our trip.

We woke up to no poop. Well, except for in a bowl that was hanging on the wall. Weird. Gross. So I cleaned my pear in a cereal bowl instead. We have to soak our produce in water mixed with "Veggie" (an acidic liquid) so it's safe to eat.

I know it's really, really gross to have a rat and/or rat poop in your house and to know it's been running on your counter and kitchen table. It is gross. We've had a few huge spiders, 6 cockroaches (well under the average) and several geckos. Yeah, it's gross. And we just kind of deal with it and move on. You gotta do what you gotta do.

If we were in the states and the same thing(s) happened, yeah, we'd deal with things differently.


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  1. As things have started warming up here, the creepy crawlies have come out in force. We don't have any earwigs yet, but did have a household centipede this a.m. in the tub. Rebecca found it while going into the shower. I'll probably look into what sprays/powders I can put down to minimize their inhabiting our house. Hope you catch your rat.