Sunday, May 8, 2011

He's okay but hurting

Eric's doing alright and healing, but he's banged up and has a sore tailbone, side and back (along with the scrapes and bruises). He was able to find one or two 'comfortable' positions, so he went back and forth between those through the night.

As his faithful nurse, I slept through the whole night.

After he got hit and fell over, he still had about 40 minutes of driving to get back home. That can't be good for open road rash.

He was t-boned by another motorbike, which ripped through his khaki shorts. The motorbike had a basket, so he's got some hashmark bruises and scrapes on his thigh.

That area and his tailbone hurt the most. He's moving pretty slowly.

I've always understood why we need male nurses. Now I've experienced it. If Eric needs help sitting up, I help, and it works, but he's still doing most of the work.

We don't have any bandages, anti-septic cream, guaze, etc, but Eric remembered that our friend Jeremiah has a First Aid kit. I texted him and within a few minutes he had left what he was doing, went home, picked up the kit and brought it to our house. Thanks Jer-dawg!

What happened? Eric went to turn left and the other motorbike tried to pass him on the left. He got it in the thigh.

I haven't really looked at the motorbike. Once Eric got home he went upstairs to his bed and we cleaned out his scrapes (not sure what other word to use). He didn't really lose blood. No wounds that need stitches. It's the injury that scrapes off the first few layers of skin, so there's easily dirt and stuff just in there.

Yuck. I'm grossing myself out. But we got him cleaned up as best we could.

Back to the motorbike. We've always planned to sell it at the end of the year, and still will, but it's gone down in resale value now. And that's not fun.

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