Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A picture for Erica P

by Karissa

back row: Mary, Lisa
front row: (starting in yellow) Jessica, Allison, Peter, Kevin

This is a beginner class I had earlier this year. Charmers, they were. I had a lot of fun with them. Their English level is so low that I did a lot of acting and dancing to explain things. I should be really, really good at any kind of charades after this year of almost daily practice.

Pardon me for not remembering all their names. I've had a lot of students this year. Courses are 12 weeks long, at the longest, and I usually have about 8 classes of different students each week.

I'm always starting and finishing classes. There are no semesters. Classes just start whenever another one ends.

Oh, and students join the class whenever. We've had several times that students join only two weeks for the tests. We still don't understand completely. Yes, they want to practice their English (and don't want to wait until a new class starts--besides another school might have a class starting sooner). But my question is: how much do they pay?

Erica P, yes, this picture is for you. Thanks for posting the 'lovely' picture of me on your blog :D

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