Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Witnessed Today

by Eric

Today I saw three new and mildly noteworthy things:
- An ambulance driver leaving a hospital had the window rolled down and he was smoking.

- There were approximately 20 white people being pedaled down the street in xich los. A xich lo is the three wheeled bike-taxi where the passenger (aka 'tourist') sits in front and the driver pedals them around. The most I'd ever seen together before this parade was this was 4.

And I'm not saying the streets are crowded, but...
- I saw a lady get the attention of another driver by reaching over and tapping him on the shoulder while doing about 20 miles per hour.


  1. MILDLY noteworthy? :) Hard to imagine...! Wow.

  2. My fave is absolutely the woman tapping the other driver on the shoulder. I can hardly wait!