Wednesday, January 5, 2011

E-mails from a student

by Karissa

I've had several classes finish since they are about 12 weeks long and we've been here for about 19 weeks. Sometimes students take the next course, but sometimes time or finances don't allow for that.

I taught a pre-intermediate class and had a lot of fun with them: Rose, Danielle, Sarah, Megan and Mary... Sarah, especially. We've gone for coffee several times and Eric and I had her over for spaghetti, her first time eating it. Her opinion: It's good. It's very salty."

I've even eat her mom's foodstall. She makes and serves the Vietnam famous 'pho'.

Sarah recently e-mailed me to set up another time to eat. Please enjoy.The ESL nature of it is very cute and sweet. Oh, and sometimes she says things in two e-mails. I was replying by text and then having texting issues.

Date: Thursday, December 30
Subject: My dear karissa

Hi ! Karissa , how are you .my mobliephone lost 10 day ago so i didn't
get your message .i just check my mail now .this is my telephone
number ########### .you remember to save to we can contact .see you
later sarah

A few minutes later I replied and sent her our Christmas picture

Date: Thursday, December 30
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas
You and eric are a nice couple .your picture is beautiful .when do you
have free time ? I want to have a dinner with you and you husband .can
you send me megan and rose telephone number? Sarah

Date: Saturday, January 1
Subject: next week dinner with we

Hi ! Karissa ! Happy New Year !Congratulations you add a age ! How are you doing .
Today is the first day of the new year and It 's my boyfriend 's birthday ,too.
Tonight we are going out somewhere or eating something . Longtime we haven't seen I miss you ,too
Are you free time next week on Thursday evening? Does that time work for you ? I really very want we get a dinner
My mobilephone lost 12 day ago so I dont have Megan's or Rose's telephone number .
Can you send me their telephone number or e-mail ?
This is my cellphone :###########
See you later

Date: Tuesday, January 4
Subject: Re: next week dinner with we

Hi Karissa!
Do you have Megan's email address ? you will send her email about our supper on Thursday evening .
we can eat dinner at about 7:30pm .when do you have your phone number ,you send it me !
Where would you like to go for supper ?
can you lead us to a your favourite restaurant ?

I have never eaten pizza so I very 'd like to eat it .Do you know which restaurant is good?

see you later

Tomorrow evening we (Rose, Megan, Eric and me) are going to Bread of Life, a restaurant owned by an American couple. Except for their waitstaff and host, everyone who works there is deaf. It's a phenomenal "project". We'll order pizza. Can you even imagine being 24 and having pizza for the FIRST TIME?

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  1. tee hee! Love the ESL texts - particularly her directive to you " YOU REMEMBER TO SAVE IN DIRECTORY " !!!! Love it!