Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Typical Tuesday

by Karissa

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like? Well, there is variation in our days, just like there is in yours, but here's today for me.

Wake up around 8am, and putter around reading, on Facebook, talking and eating Oreos.
9-10am today I prepared for a B study later today. Extracting the Precious, by Donna Partow.
10-12am - I e-mailed my MIL about some contact lense issues I'm having and ideas for a care package. Read e-mails from people in leadership over me regarding an upcoming visit. Typed up six songs from .pdf to put into EasyW*rship (like powerpoint) later today.
12-12:30 - Boiled some eggs for a tuna salad and ate lunch. Cut open a new type of fruit, one I've never seen in America/Canada and was disappointed by the inside.
12:20-2pm - B Study here, led by V, a friend from France.
2pm-3 - writing this blog and lesson planning
3-4pm - Meeting with KB to enter songs into EasyW*rship and get a mini-tutorial on how the program works
4-5pm - More lesson planning and getting ready for school/work.
5pm-9:20pm - Traveling to and from school, and teaching two classes: Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate
9:30-10:30pm - Eat supper. Either pick up a sandwich (grilled beef and cucumber) at a foodstall or go to Oxygen, an open air restaurant within walking distance of our house
10:30--Reading, Facebook and falling asleep.

That's my Tuesday this week.

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