Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Seoul

At around 8pm tonight Eric and I tried a new restaurant for supper. It's a Korean/Japanese place that also sells pizza, called Little Seoul.

The menu was my favourite kind: it existed, it was in English as well as Vietnamese and Korean, it had pictures and it had prices! Most places do not offer this luxury. This was going to be so easy. And it was. Only two things that we tried ordering weren't 'in stock' (tomato juice and octopus sushi).

We ended up ordering 333 Beer, 7Up, a normal type of sushi, fried pork dumplings and salad potato. It was all really good, although next time our goal is to figure out how to order wasabi (well, that's Eric's goal, I do better without the hot food).

And the best part? They are open when we are awake, hungry and not working! Yes, friends, this is much too much to ask at most places. THIS place is open over the entire lunch time (9am-2pm) and open even AFTER we're done teaching (it closes at 10pm). As our students say to us at the end of every class, we said to the owner-waitress as we left: "See you again!"

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  1. Have you guys ever had octopus sushi? Not my fave. :) Good find!