Sunday, July 15, 2012

Out of Context

Do you ever have those times when you're on your merry way and you see something out of context?

It takes a minute, or a little research, to figure it out.

Yesterday, after having coffee with Amanda (hadn't seen her since we moved back from St. Louis), James and I were leaving the mall, walking towards the entrance nearest to where our car was parked because it was upwards of 95 degrees out.

I walked past the kiosks: piercing place, engravings r us, tattoo time, etc when I saw a friend from college, who is currently youth pastor in California, selling entertainment discount cards.

Or so I thought.

Well, he was selling discount cards, but I wasn't sure if it was TJ, classmate of mine.

In my mind, TJ was a youth pastor out in California. And since I'm in South Dakota, something wasn't adding up.

So I did what any 20 something in 2012 would do.

I kept walking, found the nearest seat (which happened to be a dollar per minute massage chair, yum!) and got out my smart phone. I pulled up my Facebook app and looked him up. 9 mutual friends. Lives in Sioux Falls.

I'm serious. I did this.

But now I knew it was him. This is how we do research. Facebook. Wikipedia. Google.

I walked back to the kiosk, but now he was talking to someone. So I casually walked into GAP, looked at some of their overpriced t-shirts and then peeked out the window a minute later to see if she had left. She hadn't. So I looked at some overpriced flip flops. Peeked again. Still talking.

I had places to go after this. My son needed diapers and I had supper plans with my in-laws. So I just walked up and joined their little tet-a-tet.

We ended up talking for about 15 minutes.

Did I tell him that after seeing him and not knowing if it was him, I looked him up on Facebook to see where he was currently living?

Oh yes. I did.

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