Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love running; I hate running

I'm really excited to get the go ahead to start running.


I haven't figured out/decided if I should take James with me to the work out room (in our apartment complex) and let him watch me (or the lights) as I run, or if I should wait until Eric is home for the evening to go run. Probably the first one.

Anyone want to join me in the C25K? It's a 9 week deal that has you running 30 minutes by the end. The amazing part? The "C" in C25K stands for couch.


As in, you're not a runner. You're a couch sitter.

I can attest to this. I was not a runner. 

I became a runner with this program.

Do I love running? Feeling the burn? Sweating? Being red faced? 


Do I love being a runner?



  1. Karissa,

    However you do it....make running a habit!! At first Steve and I planned to run together in the evenings, but there was always things that would come up and it didn't work. So I took the plunge and went running by myself, pushing Zemirah in the stroller, almost every morning. It's been the best thing! At times Zemirah wouldn't like the stroller and the running would come to an end, but today, she knows its nap time when I'm running and she's "trained" to sit and wait until I'm finished. Keep at it!! ~Rebecca Bogaard

  2. Hello, I am loving the idea. I use to wait till my husband gets home to use the apartment gym, but I have a 12 year old so sometimes I would go to gym when my little one was in a 3 hour nap when older brother doing home work.

    I might consider jointing you... i love the idea...

  3. I have plans to start today too. Stels may not dance, but we can run! :)

  4. I finally let my husband talk me into a half this fall. We're three weeks into training, and I'm starting to be ok with it. I'm still a little grouchy in the mornings, but so foot in front of the other and all of that!