Monday, January 2, 2012

Gift Card Luck

Five months ago Eric and I found a Starbucks gift card. No one was around. It didn't have a name on. We assumed it was probably empty, but I put it in my wallet anyway.

Two nights ago, while being very pregnant, but also being New Year's Eve, Eric and I went out to a cute area in our town and walked around a bit. There were free horse drawn carriage rides if you waited an hour--and shared your carriage with strangers. We went to Starbucks.

We each ordered a drink and a snack. I remembered the gift card and handed it to the nice lady with a: "I have no idea if there's anything left on here."

She checked.

"There's a bit."

$7.42 worth.


On Black Friday, I had my first experience ever with ... well, Black Friday. And I didn't shop. I work in retail and had a shift that day. It was a lot of fun. It was crazy busy the whole time and I just kept helping customers. Anyway. While walking past the clearance section I found a gift card on the floor.

For: A Children's Place.

The envelope says there's $8.62 on the card.

I let my manager know and when no one claimed it in the appropriate amount of time, I took it home.

Once I find out the gender of  Kiki Bebe (which we often call him/her), I'll be using that card on a little something.

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  1. Awesome!!!!! I think it's funny they both ended with 2. This means your baby will be born on the 12th. That's a little ways away, so maybe not! ;)