Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm visibly pregnant. And at 34 weeks with frequent Braxton Hicks contractions and a very slow walking pace, I'm thankful that it's obvious I'm with child.
I also love the smiles, "Bless your pregnancy", door holds and "good lucks" I get from strangers as I slowly make my way around work or the grocery store.

As I mentioned, my pregnancy is public and I feel like every other mom out there is ready to welcome me into the 'mom-club' with open arms and vocalized thoughts.

Last week I had my first stranger touch my stomach. Yup, at week 33.

Stranger: "Oh! You probably have people touching your stomach all the time!"

Me: "Nope. Actually, you're the first person!"

Stranger: "Really? When are you due?"

Me: "December 30th. Just six weeks!"

Stranger: "Well, if your name was Mary and you were due on December 25th, we could say that Jesus was coming!"

Me: "Oh no. This was no immaculate conception."

And then I realized I was at work, on the clock and that I should end this conversation very quickly.

So I walked to the back room and proceeded to tell my boss the conversation I just had with one of our customers.

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