Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I will have eaten a lot...

I'm going through a small stack of papers and found this: some new year's resolutions of some of my students. Keep in mind that I first had to teach them what a New Year's resolution is... and they may not have understood completely. These are resolutions from a few different students.

They needed to complete the sentence:

I will have put on/lost.......my pimples on my face.

I will have eaten... a lot.

I will have saved....the world.

I will have grown/shrunk...one tree banana on back house.

I will have learnt....dance

I will have forgotten...bad memory.

I will have put on/lost...to play game

I will have read....1000 comic books.

I will have grown/shrunk...many trees on my garden.

I will have saved... money and times.

I will have spent...500,000VND on clothes (this is about $25 US. I felt pretty embarrassed when I read my new year's resolutions before this and said 'I will have spent $500 on clothes--believe me, I'm going to need clothes after a year here and not buying any)

I will have walked...every morning.

I will have eaten... a lot of fruit such as tomato, durian.

PS - Karissa says: If you ever get a chance to try durian, don't. This coming from someone who has tried cow tail, pig's stomach, gilatinous cow blood, pig's feet, whole squid, whole fish, etc.


  1. I too have had durian, I thought it was some special exotic dish, so I forced my way through it. Never again!

  2. It is nice to know that within the next year the world will have been saved...that's one ambitious student! (Even if they didn't totally understand)

  3. I LOVE fish head. It's the best!! ...Especially with salt water fish!

  4. I love reading these. I can imagine that I would have written similar things in my French or Dutch classes with the teacher shaking his head. :)