Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Few Weeks - Part 2, Housing & Laundry

By Eric

Since arriving in Da Nang, we've been living in a hotel a not too far from the airport. For people without a bike or motorcycle, the location is great! Within a five minute walk in each direction, we can get to our school, a bakery, over a dozen restaurants, and at least five coffee shops.

Here's a little tour of the room we've been living in for the past 25 days.

And here's some more info on our daily life in Vietnam.
(We're hoping this changes when we get our new housing!)

Speaking of our new housing, we took a tour of our new place this afternoon! Some construction needs to happen before we move in. Hopefully we'll be giving you a video tour of our new home in about 10 days!


  1. Karissa, it looks about as big as the house you lived in at Kemper's farm. I still do the mowing but no hammock to mow around !! Lots of other junk, though. Hope you and your honey have a great time. Will continue to watch the blog and find out info from Jodi when at school.
    Jake (wagjak)

  2. Yay I found you too! :) THAT IS CRAZY! It's like watching an ant hill, and Eric...the tune from Jerry, priceless! LOVE IT! Thinking of y'all!

  3. Hey - Did I see "blue like jazz" on the top of the reading list? I like Donald Miller - I really like his writing style and his honesty.